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Budnik Wheels


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Buddies' Garage is an authorized dealer for Budnik Wheels!

For over ten years, Budnik has been designing and manufacturing wheels and accessories with personality, dedication and style. We have not only set ourselves apart from the competition but have set the standard by which perfection is measured. We have invested heavily in forged tooling. The same structural benefits utilized by such critical applications as race engines and aerospace are now incorporated into every Budnik Wheel produced.         

Each and every Budnik wheel starts life as a heat treated forged billet center. Then the delicate machining operations begin. First come the turning procedures in our CNC lathes where the centers are 100% machined, front and back, for both appearance and perfect balance. At this point the CNC mills drill the lug holes with precision and all the right areas are machined to expose the original Budnik design which was artfully programmed on one of our CAD stations. An extraordinary amount of time is then spent polishing the wheel to a flawless mirror finish. The details are never overlooked.

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