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Single 400 Kit

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400C Compressor

150 PSI / 2.30 CFM

400C is a 33% duty cycle compressor that works quickly and efficiently putting out 2.30 CFM flow at zero PSI head pressure. Features include a standard 1/4” NPT stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve and insulated wiring for simple installation.

Note: Use thread sealant for proper installation.
Teflon tape is not recommended. Properly sealed,
recommended torque is 12 to 15 ft. lbs.

Included Parts:
- Check Valve
- Vibration Isolators
- Mounting Hardware
- Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hose
- Air Line for Remote Mount Air Filter
- Remote Mount Air Filter Assembly
- (2) Replacement Air Filter Elements
- Installation Instructions

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